Meridiam invests in Shopopop the European leader in collaborative home delivery


Meridiam lead a €20m round and became one of the main shareholder of Shopopop, the european leader (France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Luxemburg, Spain and the Netherlands) in collaborative last mile home delivery.


Shopopop’s digital platform brings together online customers who need to be delivered at home, stores (major food retailers, specialized retailers and local merchants), and individuals (the “shoppers”) who take advantage of their daily commute (school, shopping, work) to pick up their neighbours’ purchases at points of sale and deliver them. In exchange for this service, the “shoppers” receive a financial compensation as a contribution to their costs.


Shopopop is a collaborative solution that offers a local delivery service. This fast-growing company, with talented teams, has strong values such as social ties, local communities and a low carbon footprint thanks to the collaborative economy. It optimizes the mobility flows linked to the problem of last-mile delivery, while having a positive environmental impact.


The growth of e-commerce and work from home are driving more and more individuals to turn to home delivery, especially for food purchases. Since the beginning of 2021, Shopopop has already enabled more than 1 million deliveries around Europe, mainly in France where it is the leading collaborative delivery service, covering 100% of the territory. Shopopop relies on a continuously growing community of 300,000 shoppers. This network, unique in Europe, enables retailers to solve the last mile problem and deliver to their customers in less than two hours, particularly in sparsely populated areas.


Thanks to its virtuous model, Shopopop makes it possible to optimize mobility flows and thus combine financial, environmental and social performance in all regions.


Through this investment, Meridiam will support the company and its talented team in its operational development in France and Europe, as well as in its continued positive impact on the ecological transition.


This investment was made through Meridiam Green Impact Growth Fund (GIGF), an investment platform dedicated to financing the growth of innovative, impactful European SMEs contributing to the ecological transition. Meridiam GIGF benefits from the expertise of Meridiam platform counting on more than 300 professionals across the world, exclusively dedicated to impact investment. Meridiam investees also benefit from its proprietary impact measurement tool (Simpl.) that tracks and monitors the impact of an investment to reach ESG targets and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Meridiam GIGF, selected by the Tibi initiative whose aim is to support Tech companies, received Greenfin and France Relance labels.


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