About us

We are transformational infrastructure specialists dedicated to helping make the UN Sustainable Development Goals happen.

We believe that reaching these 17 ambitious targets is essential for the future of people and the planet by tackling climate change, building resilient communities and protecting the environment.

And we have the expertise and creativity to make a real impact. Our people are hands-on problem-solvers, focused on three impact areas – critical public services, sustainable mobility, and innovative low carbon solutions.

Investing responsibly has the power to build economic growth and dramatically improve people’s lives. It’s why we promise long-term commitment to every project and every community we serve. For today’s world, tomorrow’s progress and the good of future generations.

Who we are
We are a Benefit Corporation(B Corp)  and an asset manager. As a B Corp we’ve made a legal commitment to social and environmental sustainability, equal to our financial commitment.

Where we work

We help countries in both developed and emerging markets across Europe, Africa and the Americas. By creating new and essential infrastructure and replacing ageing services, we hope to improve the quality of people’s lives. Founded in Paris in 2005, we now have eleven offices and over 350 employees around the world, and our projects have created over 185,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Our impact areas

We are focussed on delivering impact in three areas: Critical public services, Sustainable mobility, and Innovative low carbon solutions. Our integrated approach to investment ensures we can maximise economical, environmental and social benefit across every project.

Critical public services

Hospitals, schools and nurseries, court houses and university accommodation, and similar initiatives that improve access to essential health and education services. Always aiming to ensure that all our projects are built to maximise benefits and provide positive impacts for communities and environment.

Sustainable mobility

Roads, rail, ports and airports, alongside trams, electric buses, tunnels and electric vehicle charging points. Modern projects that improve transport infrastructure and services for people while preserving the environment.

Innovative low carbon solutions

Harnessing solar, hydroelectric, geothermal energy, biomass and biogas, while creating technology to minimise power use at home and work. Bringing renewable power to communities, improving countries’ energy mix and helping bring down global greenhouse emissions.

Our initiatives

We believe we can make a bigger impact if we share our knowledge and experience with academic institutions, non-profit groups, entrepreneurs and investors. We’re particularly keen to be involved in initiatives that support entrepreneurship among young people and foster diversity. In 2015 we established Archery, our corporate endowment fund that further strengthens our ability to support valuable international projects.

In September 2021 we launched the Archery Foundation. Archery accompanies young people from the age of 14 to 16, with personal and professional projects that will make them committed actors and positive builders of the world.

Our academic partnerships include:


Entrepreneurship and youth engagement support includes:
  • Working with the Entrepreneurs de la Cité Foundation since 2008 on its valuable work fighting exclusion of disadvantaged communities in France
  • Backing the ADOS association to help develop career opportunities for young people from the disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Paris
  • Working with the Place scheme to support the social and economic integration of refugees in France through entrepreneurship
  • Identifying and increasing the potential of inclusive leaders with associations including Empow’Her , Bond’Innov , Ashoka

More about Meridiam

Our mission & values

Together with our investors and partners, we deliver sustainable infrastructure that improves the quality of people’s lives. We are so resolutely committed to this mission that we have written it into our company by-laws.

How we work

Our projects are wide-ranging, but we approach each one with the same attitude. This is how we ensure our efforts are focused on the most worthwhile action.

Our people

We’re a team of diverse specialists, and together we’re united in our mission to improve the quality of people’s lives through transformational infrastructure.

Our impact

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