How we work

Our assets are wide-ranging, but we approach each one with the same attitude. This is how we ensure our efforts are focused on the most worthwhile action.

Pioneering solutions

We maximise economical, environmental and social benefit at every point. We seek out partnerships in developing markets to progress new thinking, and if we see the potential of a transformational project that doesn’t exist yet, we’ll make it happen ourselves. The more ambitious the vision, the more opportunity for impact.

Powered by creative thinking

We are transformational infrastructure specialists with an entrepreneurial spirit. Creativity begins at conception and is a driving force throughout a project. Always combined with a deep understanding of public and private sectors, and unrivalled technical expertise. That’s how we make real progress – innovation inspired by our industry knowledge.

Long-term commitment

We commit to assets over decades. Working closely with industry and listening to local communities means we are constantly learning and exploring new ideas. These insights shape our work, focused on making positive contributions through responsible action. We believe this is the best way to create lasting change.

Focused on progress

Everything we do is informed by the most rigorous data analysis using benchmarking tools we designed ourselves to set new standards in impact measurement and improvement. It’s how we push the boundaries of what’s possible, always searching for even more powerful ways to make a difference.

Driving change

As a Benefit Corporation we’ve made a legal commitment to social and environmental sustainability, equal to our financial commitment. Yet we want to go further. We will lead a transformation in impact assessment, spearheading a movement for every industry globally to be aligned with ESG and the UN’s SDGs.

Our mission and values

Investment approach