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ESG/SDG documents

Our Impact Report 2023

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Our Impact Report 2022

Our Mission Report 2021

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Our Sustainable Development Charter

Impact Reports

Read detailed analysis of our work’s impact, benchmarked against a framework of ESG and SDG targets and performance indicators.

Statement on principal adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors

As referred to in Article 4(1), point (a), of Regulation (EU) 2019/2088, below is Meridiam published statement in the format of the template set out in Table 1 of Annex I of Regulation (EU) 2022/1288.

Compliance documents

As a regulated fund manager, Meridiam SAS adopted a claim policy for its investors. Meridiam investors’ claim policy is available on the Investors Platform.

Meridiam also adopted the following policies that are available on the demand of its investors:

  • Best selection / best execution policy
  • Conflicts of interests policy


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Tax information

Amount of corporate taxes paid by Meridiam Group (management company) in 2021:

6,467 k€.

Taxes paid by the portfolio companies are not available on a consolidated basis.



HR Policies - Diversity, Inclusion and Social Policies

True to its signature, For People and The Planet, Meridiam has placed people at the centre of its concerns since its inception.


To support its employees’ parenthood, Meridiam has a charter entitled “Family and carreer policy“, based on 5 main themes:

  • Planning the expected duration of leave and preparing for the return
  • Maintaining the link between the employee and the company during the leave period
  • Facilitating work flexibility before and after the leave. This includes full autonomy in the management of working time to reconcile with personal life (e.g. medical appointments) and the search for childcare facilities
  • Commitments to encourage and promote professional development and career advancement upon return from leave
  • Application of the law concerning the impact on remuneration and maintenance of salary during paternity leave.


Meridiam has also launched an initiative in mid-2021 to further promote professional equality between women and men. As a result of this work, new actions are being deployed by the company, including:

  • Promoting professional gender diversity in operational activities
  • Integrating the objectives of representation and promotion of women into the policy of forward-looking management of skills to identify bridges between professions
  • Intensifying partnerships with schools to attract talented women in engineering and finance


Meridiam is also a signatory of the France invest charter for gender parity, which aims to promote gender diversity in private equity. One of the stated ambitions is to reach 25% of women in senior positions by 2030, then 30% by 2035. And 40% of women in all positions in the investment teams by 2030.


Meridiam’s 2022 gender equality index has risen to 92/100 (compared to an average of 86/100 among all French companies). This index measures professional equality and the pay gap between women and men. This tool, intended for companies with at least 50 employees, is based on five criteria: the pay gap between women and men, the gap in annual increases, the gap in promotions, increases on return from maternity leave, and the share of women in the company’s ten highest salaries.


Our progress in 2022 is due to long-term initiatives and actions such as the increased recruitment of women in operational functions but also of young women via a partnership with the Fondation des Ponts, or the implementation of a dedicated professional development plan for women with potential. Meridiam will continue to promote Professional Equality through the implementation of an HR policy within the framework of the Professional Equality and Gender initiative through working groups, information and prevention sessions, and awareness raising.


Remuneration Policy