Meridiam and Nexity launch a partnership to support local authorities in the rehabilitation of city centres in France


Nexity, France’s leading integrated real estate group, and Meridiam, a purpose company specialising in sustainable infrastructure, have signed an unprecedented partnership for the rehabilitation of city centres throughout France. The two players will combine their technical and financial expertise to provide local authorities with concrete solutions to the challenges of redeveloping and modernising city centres and districts. All projects, from urban planning to operation to development, will focus on the development of resilient and sustainable infrastructure with ambitious and high impact social and environmental objectives.

The cooperation between Meridiam and Nexity, which was built around a common commitment to the ecological transition and social inclusion, will focus on two major areas:

  • support for major urban projects to rehabilitate run-down housing, clean up infrastructure (buildings and housing, etc.), ecological transition (clean mobility, clean and low-carbon energy, etc.), and social inclusion.
  • conducting urban renewal operations in line with the national strategy for revitalising city centres “Action-Cœur de Ville”.

This unprecedented alliance of complementary skills and know-how will enable the partner local authorities to:

  • rely on Meridiam and Nexity experts who are financially and technically capable of assisting them in the rehabilitation of their city centres.
  • have turnkey solutions for their urban renewal projects, including specific legal instruments allowing local authorities to participate in the governance of these major operations.


Through this partnership, Meridiam and Nexity reaffirm their strong convictions, their shared ambition and their common desire to contribute to the design and development of sustainable cities in France.


Thierry Déau, Méridiam Chairman and CEO, said: “We are particularly pleased to enter into this partnership with Nexity, which is at the heart of our mission, our project and our initiatives. Through our essential and sustainable infrastructures, we accompany the transformation of cities and territories on a daily basis. Our ambition is to contribute to improving the quality of life of populations and to create a positive economic, social and environmental impact. We are committed to working alongside local authorities to transform their urban development projects”.


Véronique Bédague, Chief Executive Officer Nexity, said: “At Nexity, a partner of local authorities, putting our culture, our know-how and our environmental, social and societal commitment at the service of life together has always been part of our DNA. With this partnership, Nexity is reaffirming its desire to contribute to the development of inclusive and sustainable cities throughout France, by developing responsible urban planning, combining development and rehabilitation. Based on the complementary nature of Nexity-Meridiam’s expertise, the partnership will make it possible to provide concerted and virtuous solutions for the transformation of city centres and to help build the city on the city in a long-term perspective and with a positive impact, particularly in terms of climate”.



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