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A2 Phase I, Poland


Meridiam has been since 2008 a main shareholder of Autostrada Wielkopolska S.A (AWSA), the concession company responsible for operating the A2, Phase 1 motorway in Poland. This 149km stretch of motorway, between the cities of Nowy Tomysl and Konin, was built and opened between 2000 and 2005, initiated as part of a major long-term upgrade of the Polish motorway network.

The A2 Motorway is a key transport corridor across Poland:

  • It connects the country’s capital Warsaw with Berlin and other key destinations in Germany and the rest of Western Europe
  • It provides access to the city of Poznań (4th largest metropolitan area in Poland in terms of population) which is located in the middle of the A2 Phase I.


The A2 is also designated as the E30 in the TEN (Trans-European road Network).


In Operation, completion date 1 January 2003


Stretch of motorway


In the Trans-European
road Network


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