Meridiam’s podcast series, ‘Beyond’| Second episode – The Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) project in Dakar, Senegal


Beyond figures and tangible examples, understanding and measuring concrete impact can be complex: What’s the objective? What’s the outcome? Who will investments benefit to?

Meridiam is first and foremost a company of doers – engineers, and experts who design, finance, develop and operate the transformational infrastructures of tomorrow, and make concrete impact on people and the planet.

Listen to our people, men and women, who work to make a lasting difference to everyday life in our new #podcast series,’’Beyond’’!


In this second episode of ‘Beyond’ we meet Anta Dieng, Senior Associate, Meridiam. Anta is an expert in Infrastructure & Energy Project Finance, based in Dakar.

Anta discusses the impactful Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) project, a high-capacity, bus-based public transportation system financed by Meridiam which addresses urban congestion and pollution in Dakar, offering a visionary alternative to traditional bus services.

Tune in for a closer look at how Meridiam is shaping the future of urban mobility, making a real impact!







Listen to ‘Beyond’ ‘s first episode, where we interviewed Thierry Déau, our CEO and Founder, as he explores Meridiam’s mission in the field.






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