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Electronic devices refurbishing with CertiDeal

Sector: Circular economy

Impact on UNSDGs

CertiDeal is a leading French circular economy digital platform, refurbishing in house and selling top of the range smartphones, digital tablets and other devices. Thanks to their high-quality processes, they sell reconditioned phones with 24 months guarantee, that are up to 70% more affordable than new products.

CertiDeal is the only integrated player selling exclusively through its proprietary website. This integration of the entire value chain gives CertiDeal a strong control over the quality of its devices and allows for a full traceability of the product. CertiDeal is present in France, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Portugal.

CertiDeal has a direct access to the second-hand cell phone market thanks to its sourcing strategy (from leading phone operators) and Responsible Recycling certification (“R2”), which allows it to acquire high-quality smartphones. As of today, CertiDeal is the only French player with the competitive advantage of the R2 certification.

> 180k phones

sold in 2022


customer satisfaction

>8,000 tons

of CO2 eq. avoided in 2022

Meridiam’s Green Impact Growth Fund led the €15m financing round for CertiDeal in order to accelerate the development of the company, in France and across Europe. We invested alongside the existing shareholders – MAIF Avenir, BNP Development and Inter Invest Capital.

Why We Invested in CertiDeal

To build a major EU-based actor in smartphone refurbishing, providing the best environmental impact:

  • Increase its market share by capitalizing on quality and growing brand awareness
  • Develop business model in European countries and expand on B2B segments
  • Diversification to new electronics segments
  • Continue to lead the market in terms of impact generated

CertiDeal’s impact

CertiDeal’s major contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are mostly on:

  • SDG 13 – Climate change by avoiding emissions of tons of CO2 by producing new smartphones
  • SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth by the jobs created within CertiDeal and the savings for purchasers when buying refurbished smartphones
  • SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production by avoiding tons of natural ressources usage and tons of e-waste

Overall CertiDeal should prevent the emission of more than 100.000 tons of CO2 during the next 4 years, and contribute to a sustainable economic growth.

> Learn more from the press release


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