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Yozgat Hospital, Turkey


The Project consists of the design, construction, financing and maintenance of an integrated health campus with 475 beds in Yozgat (Eastern Turkey). The campus is comprised of a Main Hospital along with technical and storage facilities.
The Project provides efficient access to a full range of high-quality healthcare in a single location to a population of about 425,000 people.
In 2013, the Meridiam-led consortium incorporated YZG Sağlik Yatirim Anonim Şirketi (the Project Company) and achieved Commercial Close. Financial close was reached in June 2015. In March 2019, 13.8% of shares owned by SILA/TTT were acquired by Meridiam (6.9%) and Rönesans (6.9%). Meridiam now holds 43% shareholding of the Project Company.
Considering the operational maturity of its hospital projects, Meridiam was successful in creating a secondary market for such assets in Turkey and benchmarking the risk premium for such assets by raising €125 million worth of preferred shares at the Turkish portfolio level which will be repaid through dividends from underlying projects. This additional financing reflects the high level of operational performance achieved by Meridiam and the liquidity of such portfolio, while accelerating distributions for MIEE investors. This secondary financing is certified as a Sustainable (Green & Social) Loan of Advanced level (the highest possible) by V.E Moody’s.



In Operation

ESG/SDG Key Facts:

The Project continues to comply with the EBRD Performance Requirements, the IFC Performance Standards and with the Project Company’s Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP). Work remains ongoing to sustainably embed these operational practices.
The Project was awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Standard certification. The Project is certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Yozgat’s ESG performance has been rated ‘Advanced’, the highest possible rating of the ESG performance assessment scale, by V.E Moody’s, a global leader in ESG research.

Serving 425,000




2,000+ doctors

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