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Vélodrome, France

A sports facility home to the French Cycling Federation, national teams, and open to the general public. In operation since 2013. The Velodrome will be an official facility for the 2024 Olympic Games



The Vélodrome Project comprises the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a velodrome that was initially proposed for the 2012 Olympic Games in Paris and will be one of the official venues for the 2024 Games.

The Velodrome has become a popular sporting venue, regularly hosting major indoor cycling events, and providing a training and coaching centre for the Fédération Française de Cyclisme. Furthermore, the Velodrome is an important sport and social centre for the local community. Cyclists of all levels can use the facility. In addition to BMX and track cycling, the venue is used for badminton, martial arts, other combat sports and fitness training classes. The Velodrome’s banked track is also providing the backdrop for corporate events, as the facility is being used as a venue for conferences and business meetings.

Meridiam initially held 85% of the shares in Vélopolis SAS, the remaining 15% being held by Bouygues. In 2014, Meridiam acquired Bouygues’ shares.



In Operation, completion date 13 December 2013


Photo credit : Pierre Boudon

world class

cycling facility

5,000 seats

More than 150,000 visitors per year

Olympic Games



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