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Nairobi - Nakuru - Mau Summit Highway

A new 175-km highway. This road is particularly used to transport goods imported into Kenya via the port of Mombasa to neighboring countries such as Uganda and South Sudan.



In November 2016, the Government of Kenya launched a Public Private Partnership program for the development of three critical anchor road projects. The first to be procured was the Nairobi Nakuru Mau Summit Highway.

The Project connects the capital city to Nakuru, the 4th largest city in Kenya. It is the central leg of the corridor from the port city of Mombasa that serves the heavily populated and productive western Kenya, Kampala in Uganda, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and ultimately Rwanda. The proposed development shall expand the road’s capacity and improve its quality, reduce travel times and stimulate economic activity along the corridor.

The Project is a Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain project for shadow-toll road concession for a period of 30 years including construction.

The scope includes:

  • widening the existing two-lane road to a four-lane separated highway, and O&M of A8 from Rironi to Mau summit (175km), as well as construction of associated service lanes
  • strengthening, O&M of the existing 2-lane A8 South road from Rironi to Naivasha (58km)
  • building and O&M of service lanes (connecting lanes) and O&M of inherited stretches.



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