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C70 Highway, Colorado, USA (Central 70)

Upgrading a 12-mile (19km) stretch of the interstate highway 70 in Denver, Colorado, to accommodate managed lanes and to improve urban integration



This project consists of upgrading a 10-mile stretch of the interstate highway 70 in Denver, Colorado, to accommodate managed lanes and to improve urban integration. It is Meridiam’s first P3 in Colorado, a growing market for P3.

It will add one new Express Lane in each direction, remove an aging 53- year-old viaduct, lower the interstate between Brighton and Colorado boulevards (1.4mile, 2.25km), and place a 4-acre park over a portion of the lowered interstate by Swansea Elementary School. When completed, the Central 70 Project will reduce congestion, improve safety, and better accommodate future growth along this vital transportation corridor.

The consortium combines strong local companies with global organizations experienced in construction and operation of large infrastructure projects. The Project is based in Kiewit’s largest region, with the lead engineer and design subcontractor having a deep local presence.

The Central 70 Project includes several workforce and small business goals, which are part of a groundbreaking new program being implemented at only a few projects in the US. These ambitious Project Local Hire/Minority/Women/Apprenticeship hiring goals have been met and are continuing to exceed expectations. The C70 team attends outreach and hiring events within the community to encourage small businessesto take advantage of accreditation and training resources offered by the Project.

The SPV continues to provide free, high quality, fresh food by funding a drive-through Mobile Food Market and volunteering at those events (over 2 million meals have been served already in 2021). Food needs remain high in Denver while the SPV continues to address those needs in various ways. An ongoing relationship remains consistent with a local scholarship organization, aligning the Project with required educational support commitments.



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10 miles

stretch of the interstate highway 70


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