Jane Garvey

Chair of the Supervisory Board

Portrait of Jane Garvey

Jane Garvey is the Global Chairman of Meridiam Infrastructure.

Ms. Garvey is a recognized global thought leader and a highly regarded former U.S. government official.


During her career in public service, Ms. Garvey served as the 14th Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  She was the first FAA administrator to serve a full five-year term and the first female to lead the agency.  She led the FAA through the extraordinarily formidable events of September 11, 2001, with compassion and assurance of mission.


Ms. Garvey is recognized for her breadth of experience at all levels of government and business. Ms. Garvey served as Acting Administrator and Deputy Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Among her accomplishments at FHWA, she conceived and developed the Innovative Financing Initiative—appropriately named GARVEE bonds, enabling states to use federal highway funds more effectively. Ms. Garvey was director of Boston’s Logan International Airport and served as Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Public Works.  Ms. Garvey led the U.S. Public/Private Partnerships advisory group at JPMorgan, where she advised states on financing strategies to facilitate much-needed project delivery for state governments.


Ms. Garvey has received numerous awards of distinction and recognition for her leadership.  She joins several pioneers in aviation honored as the 100 Heroes in Aviation History as part of the First Flight Centennial Celebration in Kitty Hawk.  Ms. Garvey has received the Eno Lifetime of Service Award in Infrastructure Policy, the National Council of Public-Private Partnerships Leadership Award, and the National Award of Excellence for Public Leaders.  Ms. Garvey has also received the Woman of the Year Award in Transportation and Politics and the L. Welch Pogue Lifetime Achievement in International Aviation Award.


Ms. Garvey has previously and continues to serve on several boards and councils. She previously served as the Chairman of the United Airlines Holdings, Inc. Board of Directors. Ms. Garvey led the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Investment Advisory Council (IAC) and has served on the boards of the MITRE Corporation, Skanska AB and Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC).


Portrait of Jane Garvey

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