Welcome to Meridiam’s 2020 Impact Report!

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And this year marks an important milestone in the company’s journey towards translating this cultural ethos into an in-depth, pioneering approach to assessing and measuring sustainability and impact.

”This year, the fifteenth anniversary of our founding in 2005, marks an important milestone in the life of the firm. This past year saw the transformation of Meridiam into a Benefit Corporation under French Law. Additionally, for the first time this year, we are now reporting the impact of our activities across all of Meridiam’s investment funds against a combined framework of ESG-SDG targets and performance indicators, using a purpose-built impact evaluation system that we believe is unique in our field.” Thierry Déau , CEO Meridiam

This past year saw the transformation of Meridiam into a Benefit Corporation under French Law.

Our Sustainability strategy is based on 5 target pilars:
  • Deliver resilient infrastructure and develop sustainable cities
  • Accelerate energy transition
  • Avoid and reduce emissions
  • Promote good work conditions, inclusion, diversity and gender equality
  • Protect and enhance biodiversity


And this long lasting impact strategy provides clear and tangible results within each of our core sectors. Among all the results:


We have invested strategically in tramway networks which are proving their worth in providing urban mobility for growing populations and as catalysts for sustainable city development. Clean, quick and attractive as a means for connectivity, tram systems are also bringing further economic and social benefits and becoming core partners of local communities. As of today three out of four of our tramway projects are operational (Firenze in Italy, Waterloo in Canada and Nottingham in the UK), transporting 69 million passengers per year.

Energy transition and environment

Our energy transition investment strategy has yielded a total carbon reduction of nearly 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and aligns with a 1.5°C scenario.

Social infrastructure

The health sector is an important element of Meridiam’s strategy of investing to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Through more than 55 healthcare facilities we have contributed to healthcare services for 20 million people and built hospitals with a total capacity of 8,000 beds

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