Welcome to Meridiam’s 2018 Impact Report!

Aerial view of sand dunes with a Meridiam M cut out revealing a man and woman looking at a tablet


In the pages that follow, you will learn more about the impact and outcomes of Meridiam’s activities around the world.

  1. Meridiam Milestones
  2. Key Figures
  3. Meridiam’s Investment Philosophy
  4. ESG-centered Investment Process
  5. 2017 Key Achievements
  6. Map of Investments
  7. Long Term Investment Funds
  8. ESG Performance Assessment of 2017
  9. Present and Upcoming ESG Challenges

“Together with our investors and partners, our mission is to deliver sustainable infrastructure that improves the quality of people’s lives.”

Thierry Déau

Founding partner, Chief Executive Officer of Meridiam

“To stay at the forefront of the global ESG movement, Meridiam acknowledges the importance of continuously challenging its approach to achieve impact investment and reach new ESG management goals. In 2017, this was fullled through a continued improvement of Meridiam’s ESG methodology, constant training and capacity building for project teams, and engagement with research organizations and International impact trendsetters. We look forward to all we can accomplish together this coming year”, adds Thierry Déau.

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