Meridiam ready to acquire a large stake in SUEZ


Meridiam welcomes the agreement between Veolia and SUEZ, which brings back serenity that is undoubtedly favourable to the Paris market.

Meridiam is ready to take a large share of the future entity resulting from the agreement, which is worth around €7 billion, provided that the governance and criteria adopted allow the implementation of a very long-term industrial project.

The scope of the New SUEZ will include SUEZ’s municipal water and solid waste activities in France (including CIRSEE, the main research center in France), as well as SUEZ’s activities in Italy (including Suez’s stake in Acea), the Czech Republic, Africa (including Lydec), Central Asia, India, China, Australia, and the world’s digital and environmental activities (SES).

This agreement is in line with Meridiam’s values and its long-term industrial project. Meridiam will commit to keeping the new entity for at least 25 years, to investing €860 million over the next 5 to 7 years, and to maintaining the jobs, status and social conditions of the employees.

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