Meridiam opens the Felix Bulnes Hospital, its first health facility in South America, providing services to a population of 1.2 million people

Aerial view of hospital with city in the background


President Piñera of Chile announced that the opening of the hospital will directly contribute up to 30% of the government’s plan to add beds to the healthcare system to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

For Thierry Déau, CEO of Meridiam:

“We are very proud of the Felix Bulnes hospital opening, which will contribute to increase health services to one of the poorest, underserved areas of Santiago. The health sector is very important to me and is the focus of a central part of our strategy as it makes a direct and positive difference in people’s lives. Through proactive public-private partnerships, investing in hospitals and other health facilities brings benefits to local economies and social developments, as well as raises standards and boosts the efficiency of healthcare.”

This new hospital is part of Meridiam’s global strategy to deliver resilient infrastructure and develop sustainable cities. The firm’s major health sector include seven hospital projects in Turkey, Chile and France and a stake in LIFT companies in the UK, totaling more than 55 local facilities. Providing healthcare services to 20 million people in partnership with National Health Care systems, those facilities have a total capacity of more than 8,000 beds and represent for Meridiam an investment of €400 million.

Chile has a robust and well-functioning public health system which is organized regionally. This approach, unique in South America, is also considered the best health system on the South American continent. Chile now devotes 7.9 GDP points to health, by far the highest level in South America.

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