Meridiam launches a crowdfunding for an innovative industrial project contributing to ecological transition in France

Aerial view of biogas facility


Such crowdfunding size for an industrial project dedicated to ecological transition would be a first of its kind in France.

This operation offers all citizens, and in priority the inhabitants of the Grand Est Region, the opportunity to concretely commit to the ecological transition. It is also an opportunity to participate in the development of an industrial sector for renewable, local and environmentally friendly energy production.

This participative financing is proposed[1] from 5/11/2019 on (Wiseed platform) and (lendosphere platform)

To answer citizens’ questions about this crowdfunding and the industrial project, a permanent presence is organized at the Européenne de Biomasse research centre (located at the roundabout at the entrance to the Pomacle Bazancourt biorefinery), 51110 Pomacle, on November 14 from 2:30 to 6:30 pm.

This innovative and leading industrial complex produces 100% renewable energy that can replace coal. It combines the production of HPCI® black pellet, a new generation biofuel, with a biomass cogeneration plant. Located on the Pomacle-Bazancourt Bio-economy cluster in the Grand Est region near Reims, this site will produce green energy (electricity and heating) for around 160,000 people[2] from June 2020.

This site is a new model for virtuous, inclusive and sustainable economic development. A model designed to promote the energy transition and prosperity of local ecosystems, in a circular economic logic, contributing to:

  • The reduction of nearly 230,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year (over 20 years), the equivalent in emissions of 145,000 cars.
  • The creation of 350 full-time, local jobs that cannot be relocated [3].

This is the second operation of this type that Meridiam is launching after Agrimaine in 2018, a 3.6MW methanizer in Mayenne, for an amount of 1 million euros.

Finally, this project contributes directly to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, in particular the fight against climate change and access to clean energy. Objectives that are at the heart of Meridiam’s mission.

[1] The conditions of subscription by a retail investor are detailed by the service provider of each platform

[2] Pellets will replace coal for heating about 130,000 people. The cogeneration plant will produce 90GWh of electricity per year (or the domestic consumption of 30,000 inhabitants)

[3] Le site emploiera 40 personnes et son activité contribuera au développement de 310 emplois dans la filière biomasse Grand Est

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