Our Impact

Laguna Water Supply, Texas, US



Laguna Water Supply consists of a platform of long-term supply contracts in Texas with a total capacity to provide over 76,000 annual acre-feet (capacity to serve c.150,000 residences) of water to local municipalities in Central Texas, anchored by San Antonio.
The main contract, a 30-year take-or pay water supply agreement, supplies 20% of San Antonio water provision, through an associated pipeline completed in 2020.

Meridiam acquired the platform from a US water infrastructure developer as Meridiam is actively seeking to source and develop critical new water infrastructure with municipalities across the US. Acquisition of the Laguna Water Supply portfolio was completed on December 16, 2022, and represented a total transaction size of c.$150 million.


In Operations


ESG/SDG Key Facts:

As Laguna is an important contributor to the Central Texas water supply, Meridiam remains committed to maintaining consistent clean, affordable, and sustainable water management practices. Meridiam intends to achieve such commitments through ongoing engagement with local stakeholders (i.e. regulators), municipal water utilities (off-takers), and organizations promoting sustainable end user water consumption, conservation and recycling.



Delivering clean,

affordable water

Supplying cc.

150,000 residences
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