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Limerick Tunnel, Ireland

10km tolled dual carriageway and 675m tunnel under the Shannon River to bypass Limerick City center. In operation since 2010.



The Limerick Project involves the design, construction, operation and maintenance of an approximately 10km-long tolled dual carriageway bypass to the southwest of Limerick, connecting the phase 1 of the southern ring road to the existing N18 national highway heading west to Shannon and the international airport. The Project includes a 675- metre-long immersed tube tunnel under the River Shannon.
Since opening, the tunnel and road link have diverted a lot of traffic from the centre of Limerick City (over 3 million trucks diverted in the last 10 years of operation), so easing congestion in the city, while boosting economic development with completion of a strategic transport corridor across the region.

In Q2 2017, Meridiam purchased an additional stake in the project increasing the holding from 25% initially to 50% of the shares.

All waste (two tons skips per annum) generated in the maintenance depot or collected from the road is removed to Greenstar (waste manager) recycling depot for sorting, recycling and/or landfill as appropriate. The Project Company is looking to further improve recycling of all waste.
The Lighting Energy Controller in place since 2012 for the lighting of the tunnel and of the approaches, allows electricity savings of 18%. The Grantor approved the Project Company’s proposal to switch to LED to reduce further the energy consumption.


In Operation, completion date 27 July 2010


Learn more about the project:

Lighting the Limerick Tunnel




West Limerick with East and South part


congestion in nearby cities


economic development with a daily capacity of 40,000 vehicles


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