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Gipuzkoa Waste Treatment Plant – Phase I, Spain

A mechanical-biological treatment facility and a waste-to-energy facility to serve San Sebastian region


The Project consists of the development, financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of an Environmental Complex, situated near the city of Donastia-San Sebastian, in the province of Gipuzkoa, in the Spanish Basque country. The Project Company has the exclusive right to receive the solid municipal waste collected by municipalities of the area, for a concession period of 35 years.

This asset is essential for Gipuzkoa as there is no available landfills in the whole territory. Prior to the Project, waste collected by the granting authorities was transported outside the region due to a lack of treatment capacity.

The complex consists of a Mechanical Biological Treatment (“MBT”) plant and a Waste to Energy (“WtE”) plant. It has a capacity of 200,000 tons of municipal waste. In the MBT plant, waste is pre-treated by separating recyclable material from unsorted residual waste. The remainder is then dried and mixed with residual waste from other facilities, before being incinerated. As a result of the incineration, electricity is produced for selfconsumption by the Project Company or sale to the grid, generating sufficient electrical power for more than 45,000 households. Technical decisions made by Meridiam and its partners ensure that emissions (from fumes) are kept at levels well below the current limits set by the legislation.


Meridiam’s offer included a non-required capex investment of €10m, to reduce emissions to a third of the level requirements of both the European legislation and the tender documents. This was key to the award and to ensure local support for the Project.
The initial measurement show that the emissions are indeed at the low levels which had been forecasted.


Stage: In Operation


levels much lower than EU requirements


households provided with electrical power


capacity of 200,000 tonnes


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