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Biomass cogeneration and pellet production plants, France

Development of two facilities, a pellet production plant and a cogeneration plant that will produce heat


Meridiam has partnered with Européenne de Biomasse (EDB), a French company specialized in the biomass and pellet sectors, and Caisse des Dépôts to develop and co-lead a long-term investment in an “integrated biomass” project.

The project consists in developing, implementing, financing, operating and maintaining two related facilities, financed separately:

  • FICAP: a pellet production plant that will produce (i) black/white pellets (120 000 tons per year) intended to the industrial and residential markets and (ii) wood feedstock (chips) sold to COGECAB;
  • COGECAB: a cogeneration plant that will produce (i) heat (17 MW capacity) sold to FICAP and ADM-Chamtor (an industrial plant close to COGECAB) and (ii) electricity (12 MW capacity) sold to EDF.


The project promotes circular economy as COGECAB will operate using the wood feedstock produced by FICAP, which, in turn, will use energy from COGECAB for its pellets production process. FICAP is a breakthrough as it will enable to produce “locally” black and white pellets. Black pellet can be used as a substitute to coal, in a context of coal phasing-out in France. FICAP has been sized to address the demand from district heating sector, starting with Paris network which is still relying on coal for 14% of its heat. The Project could also enable the partial conversion to biomass of power plants.


Under Construction


Plant in Europe


Alternative to coal


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