Official launch of the Africa Infrastructure Fellowship Program (AIFP) at the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (Quai d’Orsay)


The Africa Infrastructure Fellowship Program (AIFP) is a public/private initiative aiming at helping governments across Africa to develop their infrastructure procurement capacity.

By training their civil services and key official in procurement agencies, this program should facilitate the attraction of greater private sector investment into Africa.

This initiative responds to the urgent need for infrastructure investment and reform needed for some African countries to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals and to face major domestic challenges such as accelerating economic and population growth.

“Linking infrastructure and human capital is our common cause today and we will play our part in this ambitious agenda.” said Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, Minister of state attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign affairs, at the official launch event.

Other guests included representatives of the European private sector, active in Africa as well as officials from African countries.

Participants will be selected among civil servants in African governments who have 3 – 5 years’ experience and are actively engaged in infrastructure procurement or delivery. The first cohort is expected to commence the program in the first half of 2019.

Thierry Déau, CEO of Meridiam underlined that:

“As long-term investors, we know that the success of a project depends on excellent synergies between the private and public sectors. We have chosen to support the AIFP, convinced that this agile organization based on strong stakeholder commitments is the perfect tool to accelerate the deployment of sustainable infrastructures in Africa.”

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