Meridiam supports the ecological transition with two new investments in France to bolster the coal phase-out


Meridiam has closed the financing of two plants, a 12 MW biomass cogeneration plant producing electricity and heat, and a pellet mill which will produce both white pellets and so-called black pellets (annual capacity of 120,000 tons of pellets).

This integrated project is the first of its kind in France.

The projects contribute to a circular economy as the by-products of black pellets will be used to fuel the biomass cogeneration plant whose heat is partly used in the pellet production process.

The black pellets produced will be used mainly by district heating network operators and coal fired power plants as a substitute to coal. This project will therefore contribute to the phase out from coal initiated in France.

Meridiam has a majority stake of 80.5% equity shares in the holding company owning the plants alongside co-shareholders Caisse des Depots et Consignations, and Européenne de Biomasse, a French company specialized in the biomass and pellet sectors.

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