Meridiam featured on a broadcast about Africa’s energy challenges


The solution might come from solar with off-grid technology, like in the village of Ndorong Serere in Senegal.

As explained in a France 2 news broadcast, a mini power plant was set up there two years ago, disconnected from the national network. It brings sufficient energy for the 100 families living in the rural area.

The broadcast also features large solar power plants, such as the Santhiou-Mekhe solar farm which is one of the largest in West Africa – financed by Meridiam.

Karim Ndiaye, Director of Investments for Meridiam says: “Over the last two years, there has been a 60% drop in the price of this technology, which means that it is now within the reach of quite a few countries, such as Senegal, which enjoys a strong sunshine exposure.”

The price of solar energy is 30 to 40% cheaper than that of a conventional power plant.

Solar energy is a major tool for Africa’s electrification. That’s why Meridiam’s commitment in Africa started three years ago. The company was able to invest in six major projects, including two 30 MW solar power plants in Senegal.

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