Joe Aiello retires after serving Meridiam for more than ten years


“Joe has been a key part of our team from the days of forming the firm through to today. I can say that he drove us to innovate, to grow our business and to better understand risk management.” says Thierry Deau, Founding partner, Chief Executive Officer of Meridiam.

“Serving at Meridiam has been such an unexpected and wonderful journey. To be part of the team that Thierry formed to launch and grow the firm to its market position today has been invigorating. I want to thank all of my colleagues at Meridiam as well as the large number of friends from the industry that I am honored to have.” declared Joe Aiello.

Although he is stepping down from full employment at Meridiam, Joe Aiello will continue to serve as a Senior Fellow and in the pro-bono position of Chairman of the Fiscal and Management Control Board at the MBTA in Boston.

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