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Our purpose

Together with our investors and partners, we deliver sustainable infrastructure that improves the quality of people’s lives.
Thierry Déau
Founding partner, Chief Executive Officer

We act locally today and for the next generations. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as social and environmental impacts at the heart of all our projects. From inception to development, we provide and manage tangible solutions in three key sectors: mobility of people and goods, energy transition and social infrastructure. 

Providing essential and resilient services to the community

Urbanisation amplifies the interdependence between cities and regions. It is thus vital to support urban centers in meeting 21st century challenges related to climate change, mass migration and equitable growth. Efficient, inclusive and resilient infrastructure is needed to support communities as they transition to a low carbon economy.
We are committed to developing, financing and managing transformational projects that not only lead to capacity building, job creation, and economic development but that also help communities better withstand shocks.

Aligning stakeholders interests

Our model is based on aligning investor interests with those of public bodies and communities.

Meridiam’s long-term commitment to each project is part of its DNA, from upstream development right through to the end of the management period. Equipped with the trust of our investment partners who commit to our funds for terms of 20 years or more, our integrated development-investment-management approach is the driver of a virtuous circle which, through the alignment of interests, ensures a consistent quality of service for the public body and attractive returns over time.

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