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Voltalis SA, France, smart electricity 'boxes'


Created in 2006, Voltalis is a European leader in demand-response. It is one of the European pioneers, providing an innovative energy efficiency solution enabling to manage electricity demand (primarily for heating, air conditioning and EV charging) of residential (individual and collective, including through social landlords) and commercial buildings.
Voltalis optimizes the residential and commercial electricity consumption using individual “smart oxes” which dynamically control the actual sers’ demand. This technology generates savings on the sers’ electricity bill, and supports the balancing of the energy grid, by reselling the used electricity capacity in peak hours. Voltalis, through its demand-side management activities, plays an instrumental role in the stability and security of the electricity grid (e.g., preventing blackouts) and actively contributes to the ecological transition by providing a decarbonized solution to peak electricity demand management. It supports the transition to an increasing share of renewable energy that calls for an increased need to balance electricity generation and consumption in real time.

Voltalis SA:
• holds shareholding in Asset Companies, such as SPVMV, and;
• provides intragroup operation and maintenance services: IT/supervision, maintenance of smart boxes, etc



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ESG/SDG Key Facts:

In the context of the increasing share of renewable energies in the energy mix, real-time balancing of production and consumption is becoming increasingly challenging. Voltalis is providing a long-term low carbon solution focused on the end users.



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Meridiam becomes the majority shareholder of Voltalis



Demand Side Management Operator since 2008


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