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Idaho Biogas 1, Idaho, USA



In 2020, Meridiam was approached by Sevana Bioenergy, a developer of biodigestion projects, and subsequently acquired a 75% stake in the Idaho biogas facility. The Facility has been in operation since 2011, producing clean, renewable electricity from the anaerobic digestion of dairy manure that is delivered to the electric grid. As a second phase of the project, Meridiam undertook a significant upgrade of the facility to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) that will be marketed under the renewable fuel standard programs in the federal and California market. The anticipated RNG production will be distributed as renewable transportation fuel for commercial vehicles and is estimated to displace approximately 2,000,000 gallons of diesel per year (1).



In operation


ESG/SDG Key Facts:

The purpose of the Project is to eliminate GHG gases (methane) that would be under original conditions released to the atmosphere. The anaerobic digestion process breaks down and captures the gases in the headspace of the digesters and through the gas upgrading system it will be transmitted to be used as natural gas alternative for fuel. The Project has been designed to generate Renewable Natural Gas that will be used for transportation. The waste process of over 240,000 gallons of dairy waste reduces the odor from the farm reducing negative impacts on the local community and residents. Since taking over the facility in 2021, the facility is now processing twice as much cow manure (based on internal statistical analysis by the Project Company).

The facility takes dairy cow waste and uses it to produce RNG. The digesters reduce the amount of manure returned to the environment. The waste from the process is split into a solid fraction and a liquid fraction. The liquid fraction is used by the dairy farm for irrigation to reduce the use of manure by 770 lbs per day (based on internal statistical analysis by the Project Company).




6 digesters


Will produce

renewable natural gas
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