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Chateauroux Gendarmerie, France

Nouveau poste de police sur un terrain militaire. En opération depuis 2010.


In 2007, the French Ministry of Defense launched the procurement for the construction of new housing barracks for the Gendarmerie (Police station) of Chateauroux, France, to be located on military grounds.

In December of the same year, the Ministry signed a long-term lease with the project company, for the financing, construction and maintenance of the new housing units for an overall period of 30 years. Construction was completed in 2010.

Following the transfer of the authority on the Gendarmerie from the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of Interior in 2009, the latter has become the beneficiary of the Main Contract. The Project Company is fully owned by Meridiam. There is a back-to-back fixed price maintenance agreement with Eiffage Services for the operation and maintenance of the project.


In Operation since 15 January 2010


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