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Autoroute A49

Ce partenariat public-privé de 30 ans fait partie du programme A-Model, un vaste programme d’investissement pour améliorer les autoroutes allemandes. Lancé en 2005 par le gouvernement fédéral allemand, il vise à remettre à neuf, moderniser et développer plus de 20 autoroutes essentielles mais aujourd’hui anciennes et congestionnées.



The A49 Project is located in the German State of Hesse, between Kassel and Gießen, northeast of Frankfurt. The projects consists of the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of two sections of the A49 highway, including a new interchange to the A5 motorway and the take-over of 2 existing sections of the A49 for operation and maintenance by the project company. The total length of the project is c. 61km, whereof 31km are to be built.

The A49 project was developed to improve an important transport corridor and to divert traffic from notoriously jammed villages and city centers along the existing local roads. It is also an important link to the main German north-south axis, as it connects to the A7 around Kassel.

Construction of the motorway started in September 2020. Take-over of operation and maintenance of the existing sections will start in July 2022, and the whole road will be open to traffic in November 2024.


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