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Waterloo LRT, Ontario, Canada

A 19 km light rail transit and its associated infrastructure.




In December 2019, sponsors mandated a consortium comprising Artelia and Biotope (E&S advisors) to conduct the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), in line with IFC Performance Standards. Initial satisfactory results (EIS/ESIA) on segments located between KP24 and KP105 (Kango) enabled the start of 81 km Permanent Anticipated Works in Q1 2021.

A resettlement action plan (RAP) also in compliance with IFC performance standards started in Q4 2022 for works between KP12 to KP24. The same framework and supervision mechanism will be adopted for the RAP from KP24 to KP105.





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ESG/SDG Key Facts


The Project Company, together with the Authority and Operator, has been engaging with the community to educate on LRT safety, through public information campaigns including radio, print, social media and visits to schools and community organizations. Most recently, the Project Company supported the Authority with a safety campaign during rail safety week.

The goals of the long-planned LRT asset are to both enhance development and densification in the city center and preserve the farmland outside the city.

The Asset has made financial donations to 4 homeless shelters along the LRT route and will increase the donation amount by 50% in 2023.

The Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility has been registered as LEED Silver. In 2022, the Operations and Maintenance program was certified ISO-9001.



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