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Université de Fresno, Californie

L’installation centrale de chauffage et de refroidissement de l’Université de Fresno fournit des services de chauffage et de refroidissement à plus de 3,1 millions de pieds carrés de bâtiments répartis sur 80 bâtiments et 1 000 acres.


Built in 1954, the plant and ancillary infrastructure are well past their useful life and in need of urgent upgrades. The boilers do not meet air pollution standards and lack the capacity to support future campus

The Project consists in the modernization of the Fresno Campus Central Utility Plant, hot and cold-water distribution network, and designated energy conservation measures.

Following a design and construction period of 3 years, the developer will maintain the upgraded system for a period of 30 years and ensure a level of energy savings to the University.


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Buildings serviced


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