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Unité de stockage de l’hydrogène vert (CEOG), Guyane française

CEOG (Centrale Electrique de l’Ouest Guyanais), actuellement le plus grand projet au monde de centrale de production d’électricité à partir de l’hydrogène pour le stockage d’énergie renouvelable intermittente.


Meridiam has been partnering with Hydrogène de France (HDF) – a French company specialized in the development of hydrogen storage solutions, and the SARA – a French company specialized in the distribution of petroleum in French Guiana and the French Caribbean -, to develop this innovative and flagship hydrogen-based project.

The project consists in the development, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a power plant combining a photovoltaic (PV) Plant with battery and hydrogen storage. The power plant will deliver a firm capacity of 10 MW from 8am to 8pm and 3 MW between 8pm and 8am. The plant will thus generate non-intermittent renewable electricity in the North-West region of French Guiana that faces an important increase in electricity demand.


Under Development

10 MW

By day and 3MW by night




tCO2 avoided


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