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Transgabonaise Road


In Gabon, the 828 km long Transgabonaise road connects Libreville (the capital and coastal city) and Franceville (3rd Gabonese city after Port-Gentil). It comprises several segments of the Routes Nationales (RN) 1 to 4.

Despite its strategic importance, the road has suffered from substantial deterioration due to a lack of maintenance and increased traffic over the last decade, caused by the increase of population and lumbering.

In this context, SAG, a project company owned by Meridiam (50%) and Arise (a GSEZ affiliate, partly owned by Olam) (50%) entered a 30-year partnership/concession contract for the project under a DBOM scheme on October 24, 2019.

The project consists in the rehabilitation and upgrade of the Transgabonaise. In March 2022, Meridiam and the Grantor agreed to focus the Project on the first 93km of the road, from Libreville to Nsilé (KP 12 to KP 105).

The project consists in:
• Emergency Repair Works (made in 2020)
• Permanent Anticipated Works (refurbishment of the road between KP 24 and KP 105, including widening on some sections). These works shall be completed before financial close.
• The construction and reparation of civil infrastructure (bridges, toll plazas, operations centres, etc.) and ancillaries (fibre optic, etc.)


Stage: Commercial Close


ESG/SDG Key Facts

In December 2019, sponsors mandated a consortium comprising Artelia and Biotope (E&S advisors) to conduct the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), in line with IFC Performance Standards. Initial satisfactory results (EIS/ESIA) on segments located between KP24 and KP105 (Kango) enabled the start of 81 km Permanent AnticipatedWorks in Q1 2021.



Essential support

for economic growth

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to improve mobility condition

Reduce travel risk

while opening rural regions


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