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Suez is an integrated player with a wide footprint across the waste and water value chains. Its core business consists in owning and operating water and waste infrastructure and networks.

The company also enjoys strong capabilities in engineering and construction as well as digital solutions. Suez Treatment Infrastructure division has built infrastructure that benefits over 1bn people today.

Suez also includes the CIRSEE, a global leading R&D centre together with other advanced R&D and Innovation centres (such as the Lyre).

With c. €7.5bn consolidated turnover(1) and 35,000 employees, Suez is a major player in environmental services in France (70% of revenues), in Europe, and internationally.

Suez produces drinking water to c. 66 million people worldwide, recovers 2 million tonnes of secondary raw materials per year, and generates 3.1 TWh of renewable energy from waste. It has allowed its clients to avoid the emissions of 4.2 million tonnes of CO2 in 2021.

Meridiam along with consortium partners, GIP, CDC and CNP reached first step of the acquisition of Suez on January 31st, 2022.


Stage: In Operation


ESG/SDG Key Facts

The SDG Roadmap is currently being defined in a joint effort between Suez sustainability team (15+ people) and Meridiam. Sustainalytics confirmed Suez sustainable profile ahead of the green bond issuance, and evidenced room for further improvements which will be central to the SDG Roadmap. Meridiam is discussing with the management of Suez the possibility to become a Mission Company (under the meaning of French law), consistent with the company’s established ESG framework and ethos.



(1) https://www.suez.com/en/who-we-are/a-worldwide-leader/our-global-footprint


2m MT

secondary raw materials produced

66 million people

served in drinking water

4.2 m MT of CO2

saved by Suez customers


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