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Presidio Parkway Road, USA

Remplacement de 2,5km de la route d’accès sud, y compris les tunnels, jusqu’au Golden Gate Bridge. En opération depuis 2015.



The Presidio Parkway Project consists of the replacement of approximately 1.6 miles of the existing South access road to the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, California). The Project was developed in two phases.

Phase I was procured through a traditional Design-Bid-Build approach and reached Substantial Completion in 2012.

Phase II was developed through a P3 contract which includes the design, build, finance, operations and maintenance. Substantial Completion was achieved in September 2015, and Final Acceptance was achieved on March 12, 2019.

Overall, the project has replaced the old Doyle Drive southern approach road, also known as Route 101, for a length of 1.5 miles. Opened in 1936, much of Doyle Drive was built on structures which, by the time the Phase One contract was initiated, had reached the end of their serviceable life and presented risk of collapse under seismic loading from earthquakes.

The California Department of Transportation, a public agency of the State of California (“Caltrans”), in coordination with the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, are the contracting entities to the P3 Agreement. The maturity of this contract is 30 years from Scheduled Substantial Completion.


In Operation, completion date 24 September 2015


Miles (2.6km)




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