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Port of Miami Tunnel, Florida, USA

A Major road tunnel under the Port of Miami feeding one of the largest cruise port terminal and relieving the city center road network. In operation since 2014.



Construction of the Port of Miami Tunnel project has provided a direct high-capacity road link between the Miami seaport and Florida’s arterial highway network.
The new infrastructure connection immediately diverted around 16,000 vehicles of daily traffic – much of it are heavy trucks – from downtown Miami, so reducing congestion, improving quality of life and aiding future development in the area. Simultaneously, the twin-tunnel and highway improvement has boosted the operations and competitiveness of the Port of Miami. The Port of Miami, known as the cruise capital of the world had, prior to Covid-19 reached record numbers of both cargo and cruise passengers.
In 2014, following completion of construction of the tunnel, Meridiam and Bouygues Construction signed a sale and purchase agreement under which Meridiam acquired Bouygues Construction’s stake (6.6%) in the Project Company.


The project features flood gates that protect the tunnel against flooding which mitigates risks related to sea level rise and climate change.
It is estimated that 80% of the cargo traffic travelling into and out of the Port of Miami is now using the tunnel, thereby avoiding the downtown areas and noticeably increasing quality of life for residents, while decreasing carbon emissions from congestion and idle time on city streets.
Energy conservation initiatives are ongoing. Building lighting were converted to LED in 2020 and the conversion for driveway and parking lot lighting was also completed in Q4 2020. Tunnel roadway LED lighting is scheduled for installation in 2021. The Project Company is also evaluating the use of clean energy to continue its focus on SDG 7.
The Project Company’s staff are frequently hosting community groups on tours of the tunnel, including officials from the Client, Port as well as local school children and engineering students. The Project Company recently renewed its partnership with Booker T. Washington High School to empower students in the area of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). This program has involved enabling students to tour the tunnel and other local engineering feats such as the Miami Marlins (baseball) Stadium and Four Seasons Hotel (tallest building in Miami).


In Operation, completion date 2 August 2014


Learn more about the project:

Port of Miami Tunnel Operation 305

Miami Access Tunnel




tunnel with a strong position on the Port of Miami

First PPP

tunnel project in North America


has diverted over 80% of truck traffic from downtown Miami streets


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