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Périphérique Southwest Calgary Ring Road, Canada

Nouvelle autoroute à 6-8 voies de 31 km de long.



The Southwest Calgary Ring Road project represents the penultimate section of the ring road around Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Once the ring road is complete, it will allow north-south heavy goods and other traffic to bypass the city center on the western side of Calgary.

The Project is an availability based public-private partnership project for the design, build, financing, and operation of 31km of new six and eight-lane divided freeway plus basic and auxiliary lanes. The scope also includes related appurtenances (such as drainage works, street lighting, traffic signals, signage and roadside barriers), 14 interchanges, 6 grade separations, and 3 watercourse realignments.

The Project includes a maximum 4-year construction period for Priority New Infrastructure (PNI). PNI includes the portion of infrastructure that is on land designated as Tsuut’ina Nations (TTN) lands. The Remaining New Infrastructure (RNI) will have a maximum 5-year construction period and is the portion
of infrastructure not on TTN lands.

The operations period following construction completion will be 30 years.


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