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Périphérique Northeast Anthony Henday (NEAH), Canada

Une autoroute de 27 km (6 à 8 voies), qui complète le périphérique autour d’Edmonton. En activité depuis 2016



Northeast Anthony Henday Drive (NEAH) is a P3 project to design, build, finance, operate and maintain Northeast Anthony Henday Drive, the 27km 6 to 8-lane divided highway that completes the ring road around Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.

This project has been developed to relieve traffic congestion in and around Edmonton and to enable social and economic development across the local and wider Alberta region. Around 50,000 vehicles use the Anthony Henday Drive every day, including a large number of heavy goods vehicles.

Meridiam’s initially invested 50% and subsequently acquired the remaining 50% in June 2019 from partners ACS and Hochtief.


In Operation, completion date 1 October 201


To relieve traffic congestion




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