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North Tarrant Express Segments 3A,3B,3C, Texas, US

A total of 10 miles managed lanes on the IH-35W and upgrades to the interchange with the IH-820.



The Interstate Highway 35W (IH 35W) Corridor through Tarrant County (Texas) is one of the oldest, most highly congested, demand-critical and mobility-constrained corridors in the Fort Worth region.

The NTE 3A-3B project, completed in July 2018, provides 10 miles of managed lanes on the IH-35W and upgrades to the interchange with the IH-820 in Fort Worth, which also connects to the NTE 1-2 Managed Lanes Project on the IH-820. Six miles of the project (segment 3A) were developed under the P3 concession, while four miles (segment 3B) were developed by TxDOT through a Design-BidBuild procurement and transferred to the concessionaire to operate & maintain.

In August 2019, the project company financed a $900 million change order with TxDOT to develop Segment 3C, an additional 7 miles of Managed Lanes and upgrades to the free lanes on IH 35W north from the 3B project. The financing included an additional $160 million with MINAII funding $20 million.

The Project Company installed and manages the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) and tolling systems on the whole project (3A/3B) and operates and maintains the managed lanes, general purpose lanes and frontage roads throughout the life of the 52-year concession.

In 2016 the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System decided to exit its infrastructure assets and agreed to sell its units to the other members. Meridiam Infrastructure NTE 3A/3B LLC increased its stake by 3.55% in MI NTE 3A/3B, bringing the total to 17.49%.


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