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Norscut Highway, Portugal

A 157km road in the North of Portugal on which Meridiam operates the tolling on behalf of the Portuguese state. In operation since 2007.



This concession consists of the operation of a 156.6 km road until 2030. Located in the north of Portugal, the road is the A24 connecting Chaves (at the Spanish border in the north) to Viseu (Interior Centre in the south).

The motorway is 2×2 lanes, with 4 service areas and includes 35 special structures, 141 overpasses and underpasses, 23 interchanges and 4 tunnels (total length 1.5km). Norscut subcontracts the routine O&M to Egis Road Operation and retains the responsibility for heavy maintenance. Major repairs of the pavement are however the responsibility
of the grantor.

Meridiam purchased 75.5% of the Portuguese toll road concession asset, and a co-investor purchased 24.5% from the existing stakeholders Eiffage, Egis Projects, BPCE and Sonae Capital.

Financial close was achieved on 29 September 2016.


In Operation, completion date 24 June 2007


Part of Trans-European network of roads


Special structures


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