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M8, Royaume-Uni

Amélioration des voies existantes et construction de nouvelles voies sur le réseau M8, M73 et M74 dans le corridor Glasgow-Edinburgh.



The Project is based on a 33-year PPP contract with Scottish Ministers for the construction, operation and maintenance of part of the motorway network between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The works comprise building a new section of the M8 motorway and upgrading sections of the M73 and M74 motorways. The contract is the first transport project done under the Non-Profit Distributing (“NPD”) model as used in Scotland.

A total of 29km of road has been upgraded, including the conversion of the A8 trunk road between Baillieston and Newhouse near Glasgow to motorway standard, so completing the M8 motorway from Edinburgh to Glasgow. A new dedicated M8/A8 lanes has also been builtconnecting the Eurocentral business and industrial centre to the motorway network near Glasgow.

Journey time savings are substantial for such a critical part of Scotland’s road network which was previously experiencing extreme congestion at peak times, particularly at the nodal junctions in the network. Journey time savings of 20 minutes have been recorded on the M8 between Edinburgh and Glasgow and 15 minutes just at the critical Raith Interchange on the M74.


In Operation, Completion date 31 July 2018


Road upgraded


Journey saving between Edinburgh and Glasgow


Transportation project done under the Scottish Non-Profit distributing model


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