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Long Beach Courthouse, USA

A courthouse comprising of 31 courtrooms with administrative and retail space and an adjacent parking facility


The Project includes the delivery of a new courthouse, comprising of 31 civil and criminal courtrooms, jury deliberation rooms, a large detention facility, administrative offices, and commercial retail place, as well as a new car parking facility.
This new 49,000 m2 building came to replace an old building in poor condition, which presented health and safety risks to the public and those working in the courthouse. A modern, spacious and energy efficient building opened in 2013 and continues to serve the public. It accommodates 600 employees and up to 4,500 visitors daily.
Sustainability played a key role in the design of the building as is reflected in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification, which exceeds the contractual requirement by one level.
The Courthouse was completed on time and on budget in September 2013.


The Board of the project company has renewed its support for several local organizations and programs in the vicinity of the courthouse. The SPV has a budget of $30k for 2021 to support these initiatives. These include ongoing support of the local elementary school (to establish an Art program for students should in-person learning be reinstated), teen court program aimed at reducing incidences of bullying and hate in schools, and partners of the Park Youth Assistance Program (which provides academic scholarships for disadvantaged local youths). In 2021, the company has continued the support for the above programs, as well as other newly identified initiatives once normal conditions return. In 2020, the budget allotted for the school Art program was redirected to underwrite the equipment and tools needed by students to effectively establish a remote learning environment.



In Operation, completion date 26 August 2013


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Employees & 4,500 daily visitors


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