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Installation solaire Senergy, Sénégal

Centrales solaires de 29,5 MWc situées à 125 km au nord-est de Dakar. En service depuis juillet 2017.



The Senergy project consists in the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a 29.5 MWp solar power plant. Senergy PV S.A. is also in charge of the construction of a 9-km transmission line on behalf of the client Senelec. The project is located in Santhiou Mekhe approximately 125 km northeast of Dakar.

Senergy SUARL, the initial developer of the project, signed a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Senelec, the Senegalese electricity utility at the end of December 2013. This PPA was subsequently transferred to Senergy PV S.A. Meridiam was approached by Fonsis, the Senegalese sovereign wealth fund, to join the project, finalize the development phase and raise the required financing.

An array of 92,000 photovoltaic panels has been installed and around 30MWp of renewable energy can now be generated – securing a valuable and sustainable supply of low-cost electricity for Senegal, while providing an uplift to the local economy. Overall, the Senergy project is contributing to 25% of the total 120 MW solar capacity installed in the country and is providing clean and affordable power to more than 200,000 Senegalese people.

Connection of the new plant to Senegal’s existing energy infrastructure has provided much-needed additional electricity for the country, while also helping to meet the country’s objectives set out in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.


In Operation, Completion date 28 July 2017


Contribution to total solar capacity


Photovoltaic panels installed


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