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Hospital Infanta Sofia Operating Company, Spain


In the context of the process launched by Acciona to divest several PPP projects in Spain, Meridiam has acquired 80% of the company in charge of the overall operation and maintenance of the Hospital Infanta Sofia in Madrid.
Infanta Sofía Hospital is located in San Sebastian de los Reyes, in the autonomous community of Madrid. The 88,000m2 public hospital has a 257-bed capacity and provides specialist care to a community of 322,000 people across 54 municipalities. The hospital has an agreement with a nearby university and some of its facilities are used for medical classes.
The hospital includes the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technological capabilities.
The project involves the provision of a range non-medical services, such as sterilization of surgical equipment, waste management, catering and warehousing for the whole hospital, the operation of five commercial areas, as well as the management of lifecycle activities of the hospital and its future developments.



In operation


ESG/SDG Key Facts

The Project has been certified by the Building Research Esta lishment’s Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) from a sustainability point of view, both in terms of infrastructure management, personnel management, equality, and conciliation.
The hospital was recognised as the most sustainable social infrastructure worldwide during the BREEAM Awards 2020.
Through the Control Centre for Digital Energy Services, the hospital’s natural gas and electricity  consumption is remotely supervised and monitored in real time. This allows for the tracking and optimization of energy use, providing alerts of any deviations and proposing new operating methods.
The installation of 30 new EV charging points has been approved at no cost for the company.


277 beds 88,000

M2 Total area

A planned extensions shall

add up to 116 beds in 2024

~322,000 people



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