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I-66 Highway, Virginia, USA

Providing mobility improvement on I-66 west of Washington D.C. by upgrading a 22-mile (35 km) corridor to 2 Express (managed) lanes (tolled, operated and maintained) and 3 General Purpose lanes (not tolled)


The I-66 corridor outside the 495 Beltway experiences some of the worst congestion in the region. The traffic volumes approach 220,000 in Fairfax County. In the peak direction of travel, a number of ramps and sections of the freeway operate at Level of Service F (speed < 20 miles/hour). Travel demand is expected to continue to increase in major employment centers such as Arlington, Washington DC, Tysons, and Dulles. This increase will result in heavy traffic extending further into the off-peak periods than what is experienced today.

The I-66 P3 Project is a managed lanes concession public-private partnership project for the design, build, financing, maintenance and operations (“DBFOM”) of a 22.5-mile (36-km) corridor on I-66 in northern Virginia outside the Capital Beltway around Washington, DC. The Project will decrease congestion and move people and traffic in a quicker more reliable way throughout the corridor.

The Project is in its third year of a 5-year construction period. The procuring authority is the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) who has completed three P3 projects to date.


Completion date: 22nd November 2022


Miles (36km)


Per hour more car capacity


Lanes each way


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