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Hôpital de Yozgat, Turquie

Hôpital municipal de 475 lits, orienté vers la formation et la recherche. En opération depuis 2017.



The Project consists of the design, construction, financing and maintenance of an integrated health campus with 475 beds. The campus is comprised of a Main Hospital along with technical and storage facilities in Yozgat (Eastern Turkey).

The Project provides efficient access to a full range of high-quality healthcare in a single location to a population of about 425,000 people, with 2,100 among doctors, nurseries, technicians, administrative personnel, and other staffs employed in the campus.

In 2013, the Meridiam-led consortium incorporated YZG Sağlik Yatirim Anonim Şirketi (the Project Company) and achieved Commercial Close. Financial close was reached in June 2015.

In March 2019, 13.8% of shares owned by SILA/TTT were acquired by Meridiam (6.9%) and Ronesans (6.9%).

Meridiam now holds 43% shareholding of the project company.


In Operation, completion date 12 January 2017




Doctors and medical staff


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