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Hôpital Annemasse Bonneville, France

Fusion des activités de deux hôpitaux en un seul. L’établissement compte 445 lits et dispose de services de médecine générale, de chirurgie, d’obstétrie et de gynécologie. En activité depuis 2011.



Historically, the Centre Hospitalier Intercommunal d’Annemasse-Bonneville (“CHIAB”) was located on two different sites: Annemasse and Bonneville, 20km apart. The project merged all hospital activities into a single site, located in Contamine-sur-Arve midway between the two cities. The new facility comprises 445 beds and has general practitioner, surgery and obstetrics/gynecology departments.

In 2008 the Project Company signed a long-term hospital lease with the French State, represented by the “Ministry of Health” through the CHIAB, for the financing, construction and operation of the new hospital. It will cover an overall period of 31 years post-construction. Construction of the hospital was completed in 2011.

Hanvol is 100% owned by Meridiam. There is a back-to-back fixed price maintenance agreement with Eiffage Service for the operation and maintenance of the project.

In 2019 the Centre Hospitalier Alpes Léman (CHAL, new name of the CHIAB) handled more than 37,000 hospitalisations (+5% vs 2018), 250,000 medical consultations (+4%), 60,000 admissions to Emergency Department and 2,150 births.


In Operation since 21 July 2011




Hospitalisations handled in 2019


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