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Fulcrum, UK

A portfolio of 41 primary healthcare facilities serving communities in London, Manchester, Oxford, and Bristol in the UK


The UK Government launched the LIFT program in the year 2000 for establishing partnerships between public and private sector organisations, for regenerating and maintaining the building fabric of primary care and community health services.

Under the LIFT model, new facilities are built from new or refurbished buildings that are then managed and maintained under the ownership of a LIFT Company, which then leases the buildings back to NHS (National Health Service) service providers over a fixed term; usually 25 years.

Meridiam is a major investor in the health estates sector in the UK, through its 100% ownership of Fulcrum, the private sector partner in 42 primary and community health care facilities. All facilities are operational, estimated to be serving around 5 million patients per year, staffed by nearly 3,900 NHS employees. They cover a distinct geographic area – on Merseyside and across three areas of west, south and southwest London, but also in Oxford and Bristol.


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Patients per year


Facilities staffed with 3,900 NHS employees

Our buildings

are helping support the wider NHS strategy of delivering more services in the community


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